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Text Box: GPD is committed to quality and utilizes a cohesive, unified approach to design and project management to achieve this goal.  Through intelligent use of technology systems, a commitment to sole point of responsibility and continuity of personnel through construction, we have developed a quality control program that is superior to others. 
Since we offer multi-discipline engineering, we fully understand where conflicts typically arise and are able to work through these.  Our varied backgrounds also keep us focused on the critical issues.   
Our project managers maintain a hands-on involvement with projects from inception to completion.  The continuity created when all information is channeled through this single point of contact, greatly enhances quality.
When a project reaches the all important construction phase, continuity is again utilized to ensure success.  Our project managers continue as key members of the team and our designers remain intimately associated with the project in the capacity of field engineers.  These engineers review shop drawings and submittals, conduct site visits and maintain open channels of communication.  Their familiarity with the project enables them to identify areas requiring special attention, answer questions and clarify design intents.  Field issues, therefore, can be resolved in a matter of hours rather than days, resulting in high quality facilities that conform to the needs and wishes of our clients.