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Text Box: Professional Design Services:  GPD, PC, offers a wide variety of professional services to our clients.  These design services may be contracted separately by discipline, as a total design package, or as a part of a complete design/CM contract.  Our core business is engineering design and construction administration services provided by in-house professionals.  All our engineers take a very practical hands-on approach to design derived from field experience.
Mechanical Engineering: Our mechanical engineers have over 65 years of experience in mechanical design with a focus on facilities design in the commercial, industrial, and health care sectors.  Our mechanical engineering staff consists of registered engineers with sub-specialties including controls, alternative energy systems, strategic energy plans, process piping, and medical gas system design.  Many of our engineering staff members come from a facilities background and have numerous years of experience in the renovation and modification of HVAC, controls, and plumbing systems. GPD, PC has developed a specific expertise in clean room and health care design and construction. We also can provide start-up and commissioning for systems that we design.
Electrical Engineering:  Our electrical engineers have over 30 years of experience in the design of high and low voltage primary and secondary distribution systems, emergency and UPS backup power systems, fire alarm systems, health care special systems, and lighting design.  In addition, we have an extensive background in voice/data system design, emergency notification systems and security/access system design.
Refrigeration Design:  Our refrigeration engineers have over 15 years experience in the design of both new construction and renovation projects.  Refrigeration systems contain a wide variety of equipment and technologies.  Refrigerants, compressors, and controls are just a few examples of the components that may be specially tailored to meet the individual needs and desires of the client.  GPD has extensive experience in these systems and can design and specify a cost-effective system based on the end user�s criteria. 
Energy Master Planning: GPD has been involved with Energy Master Planning and the associated analysis of both existing and proposed systems since the late 1970�s.  Over the past 20 years, there have been numerous advances in the technology related to energy conservation and the control and management of mechanical and electrical systems.  Due to our specialized clientele, we have acquired an in depth knowledge of the financial impacts associated with energy conservation and retrofit projects.
Equipment Engineering:  This is an integral part of mechanical and electrical design. Our staff works closely with the other building disciplines, equipment suppliers, and the end users to ensure that all required support services are adequate.   We can ensure that the equipment specified and delivered not only fulfills the design requirements but also adheres to the constraints of the project schedule.
I.T. Engineering:  We provide unique skills and experience to help define and implement your networking and information system needs.  Our combination of the traditional facility engineering disciplines and state-of-the-art �Information Technology� experience has helped our clients achieve their needs.
Construction Administration: At GPD, PC we consider Construction Administration to be a professional service necessary for completing a project in a timely and efficient manner.  GPD, PC has developed Construction Administration and Project Management skills from many years experience in the construction of specialized facilities for the commercial, health care, educational and industrial sectors. All of our CA and PM team members possess the communication skills and technical knowledge necessary to provide leadership and direction for our projects.
Scheduling and Estimating Services: Our direct experience in the field has provided us with the background required to offer a full range of estimating and scheduling services for all levels of design and construction of a project.  In addition, we maintain detailed records of historical cost and schedule data to assist us in defining opinion of probable costs and schedules for projects in the design development stage.
Custom Methods:  As always, we will tailor our methods based on particular client needs such as partial services or differing contracting methods.  We are happy to discuss this on an individual basis.