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There is more to engineering and construction than blueprints, steel, and walls.  Like all other creative endeavors, construction begins and ends with people's needs and their visions.  That is why for over fifty years GPD, PC has been a people oriented company.  The motivation for our team of professionals is the challenge of helping people like you make things happen.  This is the reason no job is routine to us.

GPD, PC is a multi-discipline consulting firm that has been in business for over fifty years.  The company was founded on a vision of quality, integrity, and creativity.  The initial concept proved very successful and we now provide complete design and project management services to a select group of diversified clients throughout the Western United States. 

Over the years, GPD, PC has enhanced and refined the integrated team approach we utilize for the design and construction of our projects.  Our methodology has consistently demonstrated the ability to cost effectively achieve our clients' goals. Members of our staff have extensive and varied areas of expertise and have successfully met the challenges of projects ranging from laboratories and healthcare facilities, commercial retail buildings, manufacturing facilities, institutional buildings, waste water treatment plants, mining structures and publicly funded projects.  By participating in the design of very diverse buildings, our engineers are able to provide unique solutions to all our clients by utilizing 'cross-over' techniques that incorporate the best qualities of each type of construction.  

Quality is always a primary focus for our firm and we achieve this throughout all phases of our projects through rigorous cross-discipline reviews.  Time and budget constraints of the end users are met by fully understanding the client's expectations through careful communication. 

We are proud of our record of solid accomplishments and full range of diversified services.  We look forward to discussing new ways of leveraging our skills to satisfy our client's needs.  When it comes to specific needs, we invite you to call on us to discuss how we can serve you.  You will find that we are always eager to talk to people who need professional advice in making their goals a reality.